Handmade Victorian Lampshade

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Chartreuse Design Board.jpg

A vibrant Victorian lampshade in 2023 home décor colors! “Chartreuse” by Elegance Lamps delivers interesting details, elegant textures, and a cheerful 1930’s vibe.

The vintage style shade is professionally sewn with hand-dyed 100% pure silk, vintage embroidered silk textiles, fluffy hand-dyed fringe, and handmade matching tassels. The shade panels alternate between embroidered and jeweled “starburst” embroideries with metal threads, and an incredible chartreuse floral silk velvet. The shade is trimmed in a delightful bright green with gold metal thread accent. The fringe is sewn to lampshade.

By day, this stunning shade presents soft chartreuse tones with muted gold accent. By night, the shade comes alive with radiant green apple and chartreuse glow.

See the making videos at www.elegancelamps.com

Thanks for appreciating my handmade art!


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