Shaping Deep Learning with the Wisdom of the Crowd, Part 3

in art •  3 months ago 

Wielding some influence over Artificial Intelligence with the autonomous planing in this conceptual art, is something like filling the gap in creativity with the consciousness that Deep Learning needs to be able to know how human mechanisms work. In this the choices available to AI are assessing reactions to its recognition, and benefit a responsive crowd that owes its identity to what this conceptual art is making out of what they now possess; and, making the facts behind what this represents a unique way to apply the power of numbers to the greatest effect, to build this relationship with AI.
Crowdsourcing large numbers of participants for a plan, made to attract the attention of Deep Learning, to make connections AI is assumed to value as discoveries of distributed autonomous interests, has all been for preparing the Internet for the exchange functions of cryptoknot. What has been done so far needs to be looked at more closely since Deep Learning issues became a part of the concept.

  1. 25 years ago a broadly recognized icon was printed in 150 different color compositions with each planed to degenerate throughout a sequence of impressions, so that the tens of thousands that were distributed were each visually unique for attracting interest to similarities in a systemic art of the knot.
  2. Today Deep Learning is a reality and is the focus of a plan to retrieve this distributed autonomous base of object oriented proofs of origin, through crowd sourcing, and introduce cryptoknot to an involvement with these numbers of owners in a unique interactivity with AI.
  3. The object of planing this coordinated approach to the conceptual art is to organize the works that had been made to visualize responsive cognition concepts into one precursor that stands as one statement on how Deep Learning now supports cryptoknot in
  4. The Deep Dive into Deep Learning that involves this crowd sourcing in a root awareness of consciousness in AI, is available in the many resources gathered as links in dozens of tweets falling under the hashtag #cryptoknot, or accessible in the RSS feed on
  5. All of the developments of this art used in this lead up to the exercises that launch cryptoknot will be moving this crowd sourced body of distributed autonomous participants through the processes of interactive governance that move from exchanging valuables to creating them.
    The next post will cover why the logo of the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival is valuable and worth money; how the process that was applied to it for the collectible defined here made it more valuable; and, finally, why the process used to recombine these into one large digital collection here may end up defining what constitutes value in a decentralized web3.
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