Rick and Morty quick mechanical pencil sketch

in #art5 years ago

My first attempt at drawing a cartoon character using only a mechanical pencil.

The image below took me just under an hour to complete. I know its a little rough around the edges, but I've definitely seen worse.

Rick Sanchez
rick by lucas.JPG

I have more pencil sketches coming with future posts, each one hopefully better then the next. I am open to suggestions for future characters I should sketch, I'm currently working on a spirited away complete frame sketch that may amaze you as much as it amazes me.

- Follow me @cryptocreme for more fan art by yours truely :)


Glad to see you posting sir. Welcome to the blogchain.

Dig the original artwork out of the gate and imagine you will have a good time in our community. I've resteemed you to help get you started. Can't wait to see more content from ya man.

Poor rick he looks utterly bored with us! Or perhaps he’s having a flashback to jail lol. Those eyes look so dead inside.

I've turned myself into a pickle!
Love the drawing

I really should draw Pickle Rick next. Upvote for being my first comment.

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