A Daily sketch : How I miss #inktober... but I keep practising

in art •  10 months ago

My friend @cryptojelly and I keep doing our daily sketches in anticipation of this year's #inktober... I haven't stopped drawing at least once a day since last October... Everyday we have a word that hopefully 'sparks' an idea and from there a drawing. Below are some recent ones:

Today's word was 'Breathe'

Yesterday's word was 'Split'

The day before yesterday the word was 'Sticky'. I read an article about some company recycling chewing gum so that luckily inspired me to produce the drawing below.

It keeps us drawing and amused.

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HA!! I love the your work! Especially "Dealing with Chewing Gum" Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your comment @artemisnorth... I do not really chew gum but by chance I found this BBC article and though it was really interesting. I hope you can read it - I am not sure where you're based. That article was a lucky find that inspired my sketch...
Do you draw ?