Illustrations for website and why I haven't been posting on Steemit lately

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Hi all,

I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately, the truth is that real life got in the way and I got a commision? to attend to. I mean a freelance job. I started with the logo and then moved on to the website. Of all I've done so far i'm most fond of the illustrations I did for the website.

Why I haven't posted in so long?

Unlike other people who are able to post on Steem and work and clean and run errands and etc, I just drop everything when I get a new job, because I really want to make my best and hopefully get hired more than once by the same client. If you've ever done freelance based on bids, you will understand how soul-crushing it is to bid to 30 jobs everyday and never get selected. So, I'm pretty tired of bidding.

What I did and how long it took me?

This time I had the opportunity to make some Illustrations for a new website and I'm pretty happy with the results. This is very rare coming from me.

The thing is, it took me the whole day to do these 3 basic illustrations from 8am to around 8pm (I did cook a whole breakfast and lunch from scratch in this time period). I really wish I was faster, but I guess that comes with practice. The last two weeks I was working on the logo and the website as well.

I still don't know how some Steemians manage to make actual work for Steemit every single day, I'm looking at you @fabiyamada. But I hope to get to that point someday, I mean, posting and working for Steemit every single day is my goal this year. This will happen when I form the habit and especially when I move from my country and get better access to internet. I think I had a streak of a few days, not that long ago, but I'm not sure how many days that lasted. Maybe there is a steemtool for that, hmm I wonder.


I don't know why, but it's very difficult for me to make sketches for flat or 3D vector illustrations, and it takes me forever to make all the stuff on-screen as well, because I'm making stuff up along the way.

Any help to improve my productivity from the Illustrators out there reading this post would be very welcome.

I took some screenshots while I worked on this, they don't show everything because it was a long day and I won't lie, I was stressed af about not being able to finish. I'm always super stressed and anxious about illustration work.

I didn't even know what style of illustration I was going to do for this website, but since it was all about automation I thought 3D would be a good fit.

The easiest way fo me to do 3D illustration is create a basic cube using the Extrude tool from Illustrator and use that cube and some circles to do everything else. I just manipulate the node to get all the shapes at the same angle.

I also used spaghetti type arms and legs using thick line paths converted into shapes.


Next step was to have my basic color palette and create the tints for each color so they were easily accessible to color everything.


Zoom in and it looks like I'm a lot more organized... The first illustration is about a team of robots working for you. That idea is prompted by the the idea of

A marketing department out of nothing using automation (expressed in the website copy)


Now for the second illustration I did a text lab where the robots are experimented. This was an improvement of what already existed on the site. I started working on lab components and I just remembered I wanted the robots to have white robes, oh well...



Look at my hot messy desktop and the outlines. Not proud of this, so let's move on



As you can see, I never erase anything until the very end. I keep avery single element because I hate doing stuff over and over again.

The final illustrations 2 and 3 were these (first one is the first image of the post):

  1. Testing and creating new formulas to improve your digital marketing:

Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg

  1. Being able to customize the tools available for your marketing strategy:

Artboard 1 copy 3.jpg

Ok, so I know that I could've done something more complex and unique, adding shadows and maybe textures and more expression, but I kind of enjoy very minimalistic and geometric stuff like this. I've struggled a long time to find a unique voice within digital illustration and I hope to find it someday.

The website


I just gave this proposal to the client and I'm keeping my fingers crossed so he likes it. What do you think? How can I find my own voice creating vector illustrations?

I asked my client if I could post this as a portfolio piece and he agreed, but for the first time I have to mention that this is Copyright material only for his commercial use.

Copyright © 2018 by Ana T. AKA Creativista.

All rights reserved. No part of the images in this post may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher. For permission requests contact me directly.

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Hello! I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for the great post! ARTzone is now following you! ALWAYs follow @artzone and the artzone tag, and support our artists!

Great Job @creativista. By the way, I was joined Steemit just for 22 Days, but I got amazing experiences and achievements. Thanks, you inspired me. I hope I can make a post every single day too on Steemit. FIGHTING!!

I can see that. You are on fire @karmachela!!! I love seeing great artists succeed on this platform, it's so cool. I'm so glad I discovered you early ;) Oh and thanks for the comment and upvote. Really grateful.

Están súper padres las ilustraciones! :) Ya veo porqué te toma mucho tiempo hacerlas, están muy detalladas.
Yo posteo casi diario pero no tengo trabajos freelance y menos en oficina xD aunque la casa y la bebé son un trabajo de 24/7 muy exigente xD hoy no traigo ganas de hacer nada x.x

Gracias por tu comentario @fabiyamada. Por eso digo, ser madre es un trabajo más de tiempo completo. Vamos que si se puede! Mi internet está resucitando, estoy aprovechando para comentar y ponerme al día pero no creo que postee hoy jiji