💜 "Whimsical Peacock" (Coloring Page Art) 💜

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For this page...I set out to combine many of the colors traditionally associated with peacock birds...along with some more unusual color twists. Many of the details are fantastical and quite whimsical to begin with...so using only the most imaginative colors was a given! Royal purple and deep green were must haves...and these were accented with orange...pink and yellow.


I was a little bit disappointed the teal didn't show up as rich and vibrant in the pictures. It really makes the other color combinations pop! Mixed with the light blue and emerald green it gives a certain extra depth in person. Anyway...even though coloring in rainbow is a lot more fun and easy for me...the challenge came with limiting my color choices and figuring out how best to arrange the chosen colors.


It looks like something you might find within an alice in wonderland setting! Or...much like the goose and the golden egg...I can only imagine what one of those feathers might grant in some lovely storybook tale. Perhaps this peacock is some kind of creative muse related to the phoenix. Also...I forgot to put my username in the frame again! I WILL REMEMBER NEXT TIME!


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It is a very beautiful peacock! I love your color choices. I bought a coloring book a long time ago but I don't seem to have the patience LOL