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Hello Crypto Creatives! We've been tweaking away here at The Creative Crypto to build out the experience and future roadmap of the magazine as we enter Q4 of 2018. The following are a few major updates to the magazine website we wanted to share for our readers to explore.

Article Categories

Now that we’re at the point of creating several dozen articles a month on both the main magazine and the community billboard (almost 300 total since launching!), it’s an ideal opportunity to expand the dropdown categories of the magazine beginning with the front page.


The dropdown includes exclusive interviews, contests, and more! We'll be experimenting further of how to build out this archive as our readership grows.

Facelift on Resources and About Pages

If you explore our other main tabs, you’ll see some new frills and faces. We’ve given all of the logos to the creative DApps on the blockchain and our team’s profile an illustrated flair.




As part of our 2018 roadmap, we’ve been developing new creative partnerships for new content and resources. This page outlines our partners thus far, including CryptoKitties, MondoNYC, and the New Art Academy, with descriptions and links to their websites.


As a major foundation to the very existence of the magazine, we've built and supported the magazine via a number of Steem-based DApps including @fundition, @utopian-io, and @steempress.


Learn more about this new facet of the magazine here.

We’re always looking to improve and diversify both the content we create as well as the reader experience on the website. If you would like to contribute in any way, be sure to go through our monthly call for submissions.

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A fresh look is always nice, not necessary, so the effort is welcomed! Hope your publication can cover the action going down for #INKTOBER 2018. I'm sure there's a TON of undiscovered, underground talent breaking out this season. Staying tuned :)

Thank you @creativecrypto for posting this and keeping us informed :)

Putting the most popular dapps in the steem ecosystem in one place is a very good idea, I wish more front ends would do this because it can get hard to keep track of them.

Thanks for the update and on this way a big thanks for your upvotes!

This project sounds great I am a big fan of creativity of the blockchain