Little HODLer

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Title : Little HODLer
Editions : 25
Status : 4 / 25 Sold
KnownOrigin : NFT Profile

These playful creatures are called KryptoKodama. They lead you towards clues that unlock crypto treasure [wallets and other NFT assets]. Kodama are mischievous and hard to catch. However, if you manage to collect enough of them - increasingly elaborate easter eggs will be unlocked.

This Carousel highlights the KryptoKodama NFTs as part of the BitcoinHaus CryptoPuzzle. Learn more at

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You remind me that patience is the key to the success in this crypto world 🌍

@creativecrypto WOIOOW WHo is @steemed-press and how are you getting auto votes from @steempress-io and dude I NEED to know whats going on with this game, it reeminds me of cryptokitties but not as interactive, i see SUCH promise with this!

can you PLEASE come on our active steem discord and come tell us about this and if we can create a cryptokitties for steem based on something like these kodama characters being collectible and maybe create steem-engine tokens for them?