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Introduction to Crypto Art + Crypto Art Gallery Event [Sep 14, NYC]

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Join some of the leading figures concerning art and blockchain on September 14 for the event “Introduction to Crypto Art + Crypto Art Gallery.” This open event will host a public discussion as well as a reception including crypto-inspired and integrated creative work. Represented companies and initiatives include Codex, #ArtProject, Superrare, and Counterparty.

Please join us for an open discussion with experts in the blockchain space as we discuss how new opportunities for artists to promote and sell their work through this new medium.

Event: Introduction to Crypto Art + Crypto Art Gallery
Location: The National Arts Club, NYC
Date and Time: September 14, 2018. 7-10PM
Website: Link

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art will surely have a place on the blockchain. i cant wait until it fully blooms with a lot of artists who are aware of the technology

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Welcome to

This looks amazing and wish I could go. Hoping you'll post some amazing information from this when you've returned :)

Excellent... will join in. Steem to the moon

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This is awsome... the next couple of years are going to be intersting. Being able to trade digital art on a blockchain would be cool.