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The Creary Beta is LIVE! If you haven't already, make sure to visit the Creary Beta (here) and dive into the very beginnings of a creative community powered by blockchain technology.

Creary is a beta application powered by the CREA blockchain.

Fuel for Creativity

On the Creary app - hearts help you earn cryptocurrency. Behind the scenes, Creary taps into a reward pool mechanism similar to the Steem blockchain - where new tokens are minted on a daily basis that stakeholders can direct to the content they love (simply by using hearts).

The blockchain of Crea produces new coins that are distributed among all the participants. This is possible thanks to Proof of Creation, a type of algorithm that issues tokens as rewards for the work of creating and curating the contents of the platform. The users that have more CREA coins (that are converted to CREA Energy), will decide where a greater part of the rewards issued by the blockchain is distributed.

Creary FAQ Page

Content creation on CREA comes with some big benefits. Any media you publish on Creary becomes eligible to earn rewards, and in addition, you can certify your work with a creative commons license backed by the blockchain network.

Creative Crypto is on the Beta!

Earlier today, we shared our very first post on Creary! It took just a couple of seconds to broadcast on the CREA blockchain and within minutes we received some amazing love from the creative community there. In the coming weeks we're looking forward to having our very own blockchain Instagram and learning more about this emerging dApp ecosystem.

Application: Creary
Blockchain: CREA
Beta Announcement:

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I posted something short, and I'm not sure if anything's going to come from it. There are options that are going to take a while to figure out though.... especially that of putting a price on what you publish and allowing it to be downloaded.

Hi! Is there Discord channel for Creary? The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, but i have a couple of questions.


Hi! Sure, you are welcome to join:
Also you can PM @ridjal


ok. thank U. asked my questions there.

That sounds pretty interesting! I'll have to go check it out. With both our gallery and for myself as an independent creative, ways to spread art awareness — and reward artists, who are often "starving" — of art through blockchain technology is definitely an interest of mine.

Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you @creativecrypto friends :)

Thanks for sharing! If that was a dapp, something helping what I already care about... instantly. But a separate attempt... I have to think about it. Can authors spread all over the nets and still have time to create? Maybe some of you much better than me.