BitcoinHaus [Treasure = 1,065 Steem]

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CryptoPuzzle Update

A treasure worth 1,065 Steem is hiding right here – in the @bitcoinhaus account – and all characters leading to the crypto wallet are fully visible. Over the last couple of months we’ve minted four perspectives of a 3D artifact that we call BitcoinHaus. Each illustrated perspective was published as a non-fungible token (or NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain via SuperRare’s art marketplace. All 16 NFTs have been bought and sold. Let the race to unlock hidden treasure begin…

Earn Bonus Clues

You must own at least 1 of the 16 BitcoinHaus NFTs in order to receive an airdropped bonus clue to your Ethereum address. Think of each NFT as a treasure map, the longer you hold it – the more you begin to understand all of the pieces. But, if you’re observant enough – you can solve the puzzle and unlock the prize without them.

Follow us on Twitter / More clues in the Neon District Discord

Our CryptoPuzzle series has a home in the Neon District Discord where clues are announced and released to the public. If you’re a gamer, hacker, punk or puzzler – this is the place for you.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on the size of the prize (it gets bigger every week) and more clues.

About CryptoPuzzles

CryptoPuzzles – a Creative Crypto original art series that embeds clues to cryptocurrency wallets within collectible NFT (non-fungible token) artwork. This first Puzzle Series is called “BitcoinHaus” which includes a set of 3D architectural monuments inspired by cryptocurrency icons. Embedded in each artwork are a network of clues that lead to a wallet and a prize. Different views of the same 3D landscape will yield answers and expose curious avatars (known as KryptoKodama). These collectible creatures will help you find your way. As NFTs are sold, the record of sale will be recorded on the Steem blockchain, thus making it eligible to receive crypto-backed upvotes. With each sale, the treasure will grow.

BitcoinHaus Lore

These ancient grounds mark the site of Bitcoin’s genesis block. Satoshi Nakamoto, anonymous architect, designed a rigorous network of square plinths from which numbers and letters have mysteriously emerged. Follow the KryptoKodama for clues to the treasure hidden within.
SuperRare (BitcoinHaus rotations): link
KnownOrigin (main clues): link
Neon District Discord

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