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In Creary your creations are registered on the blockchain so that there is an unalterable and irrefutable proof that you were the first to publish your works 🧐

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So what? If someone scrapes the net and steals artwork, then posts it on your blockchain, that should be "irrefutable proof"?
You guys are megalomaniac pretenders.
I belong to a organisation that protects artists rights and has lawyers on call all over the world, plus I have a watchdog service that alerts me to any one of my images on the net.
I have no problem with people sharing my work, but if they earn coins for it, that makes it commercial. And those I have my legal service send take-down notices. Now if those notices cannot be followed (since you say "unalterable") then your entire blockchain is in violation of the law!
But Steemit can comply with a take-down, since one can edit posts.

1- Today it is impossible to prevent someone from downloading, copying or taking a screenshot. You cannot teach something and at the same time prevent it from being copied.
But, if someone uses your work and you have registered it on a blockchain such as CREA through Creary.net, you will have irrefutable proof since you own the private keys that have allowed you to make that publication with that content. If someone else registers it before you and claims to be the owner against your word, the final decision will not be given to you by a lawyer or a blockchain ... it will be given by a judge at a trial. The registration of intellectual property in blockchain is only proof of creation, in a legal dispute it will only be proof and the judge will have the last word.

2- The blockchain does not replace a lawyer, the blockchain is a proof that a lawyer can use in a legal dispute. For example, this “army of lawyers” that you have in that service could send a statement to the author who is making profits from your work (if you do not allow it in your distribution license) and make a request and attaching the proof of registration of that work on the blockchain.

3 - The blockchain is unalterable, this means that no person who does not own the private keys can modify the data registered in this blockchain, it is a decentralized database and only the owners can modify the works they have published, leaving a record that It has been modified, of course.

4- Yes, also on Creary.net you can modify the publications but the original publication will always be registered in the CREA blockchain as well as Steemit in the Steem blockchain, although Steemit will show you the latest edition of that publication. When we say unalterable it means that no centralized entity can modify the data at will.

If you need more information on this topic, you can read our last post. Regards