Egg Art/Decoration

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Egg decorating has become quite a popular art especially over Easter and Christmas. Different art techniques are used like, decoupage, painting, marbling, carving etc. Birds eggs are used for this art.

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** Peter Carl Fabergé is best known for his decorated Easter eggs. He was considered a great artist making Easter egg designs for the Tsars as a gift to their wives, using precious metals and stones between 1885 and 1916. What made his art unique was the different twist he added to each piece. His work is highly collectible reaching astronomical prices. Most of his work can be viewed at the Forbes Magazine Galleries in New York.**

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Victorian Lace Egg Carving Video from the Feathered Nest, Bishop Hill, IL: I used this video to illustrate how delicate and fine the work of "egg art" is. You need to handle the egg gently, cutting each pattern with preciseness as the shell is soft and your work area small.

In South Africa, Ostrich Egg Art has become a very popular curio for the overseas tourist. Our locals use decoupage and painting unique African animals mostly on these eggs.


INTERNATIONAL EGG ART GUILD: If you are interested in taking this up as an art and not only a hobby, you can follow this link. The artist only use natural hatchery or farm grown eggs, no eggs are allowed to be taken from the wild.


Follow this link for more exquisite egg art ideas:

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It would be simple to use this carving method on seashells as well.

I am sure it would work lifeworship, I never thoughts of that, guess it is because I always see so much beauty in them, they are already complete.

I guess it's already a thing.

That must be so hard to work on without breaking it...

jameshsmitharts, I have a friend that empty them to paint and even that can be quite tricky, so I imagine this even more so.

I don't think I'd have the patience to do it. It's quite a feat...

Give it a try and tell me what you think jameshsmitharts, it is a challenge!

Sadly I'm more a digital art guy. Maybe one day!

I have seen some of your art and think you are truly blessed with this talent, dont you sometimes feel like exploring new possibilities? I am terrible, I know. Hope you will enjoy a fabulous weekend.

Sure! But I also think about making a living ;)

Thank you yuslindwi. I always knew about the Ostrich eggs we use here in South Africa but I was taken by the fine carvings on normal chicken eggs.

Very amazing art, i love it very much

Eggstraordinary! Great post :D

Thanks opheliafu I truly appreciate this. Love your eggstraordinary, it gave me a nice giggle, very sharp. Have a fabulous weekend.

Good to hear... have a good weekend too!

Wow so cool! Such amazing pieces of art!

I do not know about you nebcat but my hands are itching to try out this art form. Would love to see if I have the ability to create such beauty.

Obviously not the type of eggs that you would throw at a Political Rally! Great Photos.

Thank you. Agree awgbibb, nope the rotten kind will be way more suitable.

damn that skills !! and awesome detail ! just wow!

That was exactly how I felt when stumbling upon this on the net, rouketas. It is a unique art indeed and the possibilities are endless with what all you can do.

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