Thought of the day.. Designed by Our Little Crafter's :2

in art •  4 months ago

Hi guys,
Good to Welcome you again at my blog.
As I earlier discussed in my last blog.
PI have given my Little Crafter's a Task/ a Competition to design Posters with "Thought of the Day" written on it & they all are really excited about this.

This is the picture of the second one Designed by my Students.
Please take a look::-

Hope u like it.Please be in touch for new ideas and Designs.

Regards @Crafter
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muchas gracias

@crafter you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!


Thank you so much. I don't understand why they flagged me but friends like you are there to help.
Thanks a lot again.
Regards @crafter