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Hello everyone
Hope you all are in good spirits.From Last few days,I was busy with a small Painting.

I got an order to make a Small Painting, to Encourage people for Maintaining Greenery in the Forest & it should carry a Small Quote with it.

In the last 8000 years about 45% of the Earth's original forest cover has disappeared, most of which was cleared during the past century.About 13 million hectares of the world’s forests are lost due to deforestation each year. The annual net loss of forest area between 2000 and 2005 was 7.3 million hectares (equivalent to the net loss of 0.18 percent of the world’s forests).
The mechanisms that cause deforestation, fragmentation and degradation are varied and can be direct or indirect. However, the most important factors associated with the decline of forest biological diversity are of human origin. The conversion of forests to agricultural land, overgrazing, unmitigated shifting cultivation, unsustainable forest management, introduction of invasive alien plant and animal species, infrastructure development (e.g. road building, hydro-electrical development, urban sprawl), mining and oil exploitation, anthropogenic forest fires, pollution, and climate change are all having negative impacts on forest biological diversity. And as forests are degraded, so too is biological diversity. This degradation lowers the resilience of forest ecosystems and makes it more difficult for them to cope with changing environmental conditions.So we as Individuals should also take some Steps to Protect our Forest & Mother Nature.

This is what I made to encourage People, Please take a look::--
Hope you like it.

These are some Clicks done while making the Painting::




&That's the Final One Again

Thanks for giving your precious time. Please be in touch for new ideas and Designs.

I wish you luck 👍
Regards @Crafter
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