Lord Buddha's Painting

in art •  8 months ago

Welcome again Steemians 💐
Hope u all are having Great Time.
On 16/05/2018 I made
Lord Buddha's Painting.
I was so convinced with his personality and thoughts that I can't stop myself to make his #Potrait.

Lord Buddha said,"It's better to Conquer Yourself,than to Win a Thousand Battles"

His prayers:-
Budham Sharnam Gatchami

&This is my Painting, please take a look::--

I also took some pics while making the Potrait--

That's the Ist Stage:

This was taken after completing the Paint job:

At the end, I did some #StoneWork on the Painting (on ears and hair) & with this painting was Ready on Stands::

Thank you,for giving ur precious time to my blog,hope you like it
Regards @Crafter
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