Groovy Bohemian Coloring Pages On Sale!

in art •  2 months ago  (edited)

Another quick update. Here's another item (bohemian coloring pages) on a 30% discount on my Etsy store. I am having a sale on printable items (coloring books, art printables) throughout October. If you love my art and have been thinking to purchase something of mine, now is the time to do that. This printable coloring pack of 5 pages was originally priced at $5 per pack. There were 2 packs. But I am combining the two packs and now you have 10 pages in one pack at a much, much lower price! It's $1.75 per pack throughout October. Yes, you pay $1.75 for 10 coloring pages! Dirt cheap! Here's the link to my store: @coloringiship on Etsy.

And preview of the pages:



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