Christmas Gnomes Art

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The second holiday season art I drew and colored the Christmas gnomes! Drawing and coloring this Christmas gnomes art was a lot of fun. I can see how my style evolved through different artwork and I enjoyed incorporating different styles from artists I admired. I am inspired by a lot of artists, such as Nathalie Lete, Mirka Mora, the Bloomsbury group (especially Vanessa Bell), Yayoi Kusama and many art styles like art brut, folk art, outsider art and many more.

For this piece, I am inspired by Yayoi Kusama's "infinite fields of dots". I just like how these dots somehow make my artwork "pop up" and not just flat. I think the dots will become a permanent feature in my future artwork ;)

As the holiday season is drawing near, so does the shopping season! I would like to encourage everyone to shop from independent artisans and artists, either from your local shops or online stores like Etsy. As a small-time artist trying to make a living offering original and one-of-a-kind art pieces, it means a lot if someone purchases from me/us instead of from big and rich retail stores. Many of us are ordinary people with a family to feed and bills to pay. Many are running art business on top of raising a family or working on a day job. So, yeah, support indie artisans/artists this holiday season :).

To those who are already supporting me, thank you! Your kind messages and support means a world to me. You guys are my motivation to keep going even when I have nothing to show for. Thank you!

The progress photos:

christmas gnomes art

scandinavian christmas gnomes

christmas gnomes art

This Christmas gnomes art is available as printables on my Etsy store!

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Nice presentation

Thank you!

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Thank you!

Long time no see ur artwork sister

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Ya I hardly around on Steemit but I usually check here at least once a week. Thank you for commenting :)

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