Book Review: Stephen King - Misery

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I wanted to do something a little different today – I wanted to write a book review.

I read a lot. A heck of a lot. I have a one hour commute to word each way plus a lunch hour, all of which is my reading time. I used to read at home of an evening too, but then I got a husband who requires all of my attention all of the time so that’s that little hobby over….. ;-/

I have read probably ten Stephen King books (I’ll have a proper count up in a minute as I’m actually quite interested to know, it must be about 10), but one that I keep on coming back to is Misery.

It was the first Stephen King book that I read, many many years ago. I remember getting it out of the local library when I was about 8 or 9 years old (pretty sure they shouldn’t have let me have it!) and having to hide it under my bed in my bedroom because I knew if my parents found it, it would be confiscated from me.

This isn’t a new book, and it isn’t a rare book, so I’m sure most people know the story of the famous author rescued from a car crash by his Number One Fan / a complete psychopath. I read this book before I had seen the film, and the story utterly blew me away. It was instantly my favourite book, and 30 years later it still is.

I’ve read it seven times. Yes, really.

I last read it last weekend, finishing it in two days, and I still loved it as much as I always did.

I love the way Stephen King writes Paul Sheldon’s internal monologues, and how he turns an object like an old fashioned typewriter into a hateful character in the novel. Every time I read this book, I discover a new twist or a subtle part that I hadn’t noticed before.

Yes, I’ve read this book seven times already. But I’ll read it again.

Have you read this? Did you love it as much as I do?

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I really do love Stephen King as an Author - even more so since I followed his Twitter lol. Pretty much I have read everything he has written, I don't read so much now because life and digital media took over - but every one of his books has been a joy to read. Misery is a great read, although I think I have only read it twice - very clever although I still wince at certain points which I am sure you will agree with.

I know exactly the bits you are talking about. Bleurgh.
Have you seen the film with Kathy Bates too? (She is great as Annie) - the film is slightly different than the book for those nasty bits. But equally gruesome!!

I liked it a lot, i read it when i was a teenager, also if my favorite book from King was Rage, i loved misery too!

I haven't read that one - I will keep an eye out for it.

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I liked his book, Christine. :-)

Don't call me "Christine"
hahaha ;-D

Tsk, it's surely "And don't call me Shirly." --Airplane :-D

Haha - love that film!!

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