A couple Halloweens in the making.

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to share some of the things I have done over the years for Halloween.


This is my niece as we started today....you can see me there in the mirror.

Mask and hair.jpg

The application of the mask I made for her and her hair was done by Her Grandmother. You can see it starting to come together.

Full Suit with Papa.jpg

In full suit I think you can see what we were going for.

The trio of terror.jpg

Her, Her Dad, and Our friend Mark.

Here are a few pics from 2013. My Niece came to me about four hours before sundown and said, "Uncle Phil, would you make me a Zombie?" This is what we came up with...

Her selfie.jpgZombie 2013.jpg

Last, is a little piece I put together for a costume party I went to years back. Nothing beats a wolf hide tonic when you've got to go Caveman.

Thanks for viewing. Please Upvote, Follow, and comment. I love hearing peoples advice and opinions. Thanks again everybody for letting me share some good times with you.

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Thank you @anomaly It is people like you that make this worth while.

Nice post. Happy h


Thank You @hanen. I try to make Halloween a good time for dress up.

Thank you @ohreally and @cerberinc. It means a lot.