So here is where I am at with the first of the 2 wooden Pegasus sculptures I am activating.

in art •  7 months ago

On the weekends I make sure to ignore emails n office responsibilities so I can put in full days of painting, while I watch (mostly listen though) my favourite movies n shows. Still got to finish the other side of this one before I can even start the second sculpture, so lots to go on this commission, but you get the idea of how they are going to look. Pretty happy how it’s coming out. And a heads up to my Montreal fam, I will be debuting these while live painting at @design_zola on Earth Day (April 22nd), so pass by n say hi. #pegasus #painting #woodensculpture #designzola #comission #weekend #swiftwing #art #homealone #workinprogress



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This is totally awesome!

wow...I love the two little visible bones. dropping you a follow for sure!

This looks amazing!