The Spider Girl (surrealist drawing.)

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Good afternoon Steemiants, today I come to present my third and last drawing of the day.

It is the beautiful and sexy spider woman, I hope you like and appreciate it, greetings.

Part I:

1 (5).jpg

Part II:

2 (5).jpg

Part III:

3 (5).jpg

Part VI:

4 (5).jpg

I hope you like it, original work.

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@mariusfebruary You are supporting a plagiarist, please blacklist

@steemflagrewards Art Paraphrasing

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for flagger beneficiary post rewards! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @jaguar.force.

  • art paraphasing
    You created a derivative artistic work but failed to cite the source(s) of inspiration. This is often a method employed to deceive curators in order to receive greater rewards.

This post was submitted via our Discord Community channel. Check us out on the following link!
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Follow on flag for art paraphrasing @steemflagrewards

Please edit to art paraphrasing.

Sir, with all due respect I must inform you that this user is a professional beggar that has been spamming thousands of discord users via DM with a wide array of victim stories for months, its the most prolific discord spammer ever to set foot in this platform, additionally now the user is turning into art plagiarism as you can see above, tracing other artists works, merely coloring them and then claiming the entire works, this user is just looking for every angle possible to abuse and exploit this platform. I ask you to please stop your support of this user, if you continue to support the user it will bring a flood of abusers just like him to target you and you will end up voting tons of abuse by people exploiting your good faith. There are many honest venezuelan users going through rough times that you can support with your vote, I assure you this is not one of them. Kind regards, Jaguar Force.

Dear @jaguar.force.

Thank you for your explanation. I spoke to @mariusfebruary recently and he mentioned your project and also he told me a bit about his experience with @chinotattooart

I will keep in mind that @chinotattooart may not be trusted and I will warn my friend to be careful if he will ever ask about $$$


What jaguar.force says about the spam this user has done is true, I am a user of several Discord servers where @chinotattoart has been and I have received messages from people who tell me that this person has been sending them private messages asking for monetary help. The spam that this type of user does is really bad as this user is only in Steem to try to exploit the platform.

And with this post he shows that he's going the wrong way.

Greetings friend, The drawing exists is true, but it is not the same, because mine has more details and colors, I guess it was my mistake not to put the original, but it is not the same, my drawing has details that do not have the original.

When posting content that either is owned by someone else or inspired by someone else’s works, it is proper to list the said source in your post with a link to the original.

Failing to do so is considered plagiarism, and could result in being blacklisted by curation groups or even flagged.

Examples include:

  • Using another artist's original drawing/painting/digital art as a “study” or inspiration without linking the original and giving credit to the original artist.
  • Linking to someone else’s YouTube video with no source.
  • Using someone else’s photos or text without linking to the original source etc.

Please make sure you do so in the future, thank you.

Through this case of plagiarism, I have been made aware of one of the major problems we have on the internet/blockchain space in general. I realize it is a problem for all users and not just for you (@chinotattooart) and me. I am interested in finding a resolution which is of general nature. It is not a matter of me believing you it is a matter of making the blockchain usable for global, trans-cultural, trans-national, trans-everything peer groups who wish to share content and support each other.

If you (or anyone else who has been flagged for plagiarism; don't take this personal) are interested in my future support, then please get clean with @jaguar.force. This is the process: (1) you post original clean content for 40 days, (2) you admit you knew what you were doing when copying the "spider girl" black and white drawing created by Terry Dodson, (3) you explain why plagiarism and art rephrasing is bad and why "viveza criolla"(trying to game the system) is not acceptable, and (4) you find 10 cases of plagiarism here on Steem and report it to @jaguar.force. After that, so they told me, they will review your case.

Beautiful work. She looks hot.

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

Apparently "surrealist" is your synonym for "plagiarist." And just because Greg Land traces, it doesn't mean you should.

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