Bringing back inspiration, Innocence and Purity in Fine Arts

in art •  2 years ago

Modern day fine arts have been hugely hijacked by perversion. Human judgement has become so confused and debased that the real talent is often overlooked in the presence of impurities that get highlighted as strengths.  

Where are we going wrong? 

In one of those fine days, I walk through the streets of Melbourne, a city of myriad culture and colors. The city's mesmerizing life is one that everyone dreams of. Along the colorful streets, I see artists from around the world; musicians, painters, singers, dancers to name a few. A huge fan following that gets enchanted with their performance is something admirable.  

I have seen great artists in these streets; young and old, budding and matured, presenting their art in various forms entertaining the masses, giving them joy. In return, they would earn a little bit of cash but so much in respect and admiration from those masses.  

Human beings have been gifted with a unique sense that they have a capability to admire beauty. All other animals lack this awareness. However, this sense of judgement is often clouded with other biases and impurities that it mistakes subtle impurities as talent. Let's take for instance, a painting of a semi-nude woman, that is being painted in a middle of a street and hundreds of people thronging it in admiration. Here, in this instance, our sense of judgement is not for the art but is confused by the sex element that has been mixed with it in order to sell it. 

Same is the case with music where artists seek help of perversion to achieve success. Performing arts like motion pictures and theatrical arts are even worse to an extent that any art in pure form is considered something uninteresting and out of fashion. Here, at this instance, I am compelled to reflect on a simple question, what are we judging? Art or the vehicle of perversion that hides itself behind it to fool a beholder? These are some fundamental questions that the experts in the field of art must answer within their hearts.  

How do we bring back the lost glory? 

Having said that the human judgement has been mired by impurities, not everything is lost. There are still lot of beautiful works being done even these days. Many of them don't receive enough attention particularly because they don't receive enough media coverage for obvious reasons. If the glory has to be restored, if the likes of Mona Lisa have to be created again, the sense of pure admiration of beauty must dawn upon the art fraternity in general and artists in particular.  

It should be the inspiration, not the gross physical passion that triggers a magnificent piece of art.  This is true for any kind of art, from painting, to music and poetry to name a few. This will not only make the works of art timeless and priceless but also make the artists' legacy eternal. However, for all of these to succeed, we must have the masses that are wise enough to know and appreciate the real beauty of art and distinguish pure beauty from gross perversion.  

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I completely agree with the author as far as appreciation of art is concerned. Many of us don't realize the subtle invasion and appreciate sex as part of art. This is one of the original writings that I have found in this subject. Keep up the good work.

Some good perspective on our culture as a whole. When we really debase ourselves as artists, however, is when we cater to the masses and deliver shock value. If that's your thing as an artist, great. But if you change who you really are in your soul to make a buck for a buck's sake, that feeds in to the decline. Beauty is subjective, but at the same time it isn't. An unspoiled forest is universally beautiful. A cold city block with no trees may be seen as beautiful to some in an industrial minimalistic way, but generally not considered so. Thanks for your insights.


Thank you jlwkolb for your insights. I agree with you that when an artist barters his/her soul to some baser temptations, they decline in value and will soon be forgotten. This has been seen especially in modern day art and music. For instance, I have seen songs that have gone viral as if they would last to eternity and are never heard again after a few months.