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Painted from life just north of Cottonwood, Arizona, in 1983. This was a beautiful tree in full springtime glory. I used to know what type of tree this was, but I forgot! I'll think of it later.

”The Knowles' Place” 20"x24" (#351) oil on masonite panel
by Lee Gordon Seebach

I'm lucky I wasn't killed painting this. (I'm being a bit overly dramatic.) I was set up with my French easel right next to a busy highway across from this house with cars and semis roaring by me. Probably not the brightest thing I've done in my life, but we artists are little crazy when it comes to painting something we just HAVE to capture on canvas.

"Happiness: the full use of your powers along lines of excellence."

- John F. Kennedy

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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great art. I likes your art.
thanks for your post

A lovely painting, my friend! The jacaranda tree is a beautiful colour!


Thank you @tonyr It was a gorgeous scene...too good to pass up!

Stunning. I love how "weighted" the house appears even with the light color. Has a presence to it. Thank you for sharing.


@araquex That's an interesting observation. Thank you.

Short comment. But it's not spam. Great work.


Much appreciated @oldtimer 😀

Gorgeous painting, the colors are so soothing.


@birdie So glad you like it. Thanks.

i am commentless today the best art of your's till now

damm this art work is the beautiful thing on internet today


😀 @cityslicker I painted it a long, long time ago. I remember it as though it were yesterday, yet it was 35 years ago. Time flies.

very life like painting i had to thought for a moment that it was a art or a photograph


@starboye I like to put that into my paintings: the dynamic tension created when it looks natural yet is a painting. That fascinates me. It's magical.

I wish we had a tab for our favorite steemians so I can catch their posts quickly. I guess I am going to have to log back into steemvoter to keep track of your posts again....I'm glad your are back @chessmonster!


Thanks @reddust Nice to "see" you!

Magnificent work one the canvas wow


Thanks @cutiepie You're very kind.

Great to see your work, Im glad you back. Keep painting & steeming 👍🎨🖌😊


@andraskalmar-art Thank you very much. I'm sorta back and sorta steeming. Not like I was before...but once in awhile. I like this pace better. 😎

I remember it now: it's a jacaranda tree