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It's time for another update on my painting of geraniums I found in Jerome, Arizona. They were patiently waiting for me to come along and fall in love with them as I wandered around the historic Old West mining town a few years ago.

Starting with a turpentine wash of Transparent Oxide Red and Transparent Oxide Brown, I established my design on the large, final canvas referring to the 1/4 size study (see below) and of course my photo reference.

Once I was satisfied that everything was mapped out properly, I then started working on the focal geranium bloom against the light background of shutters in sunlight. I've been working out from there in all directions, trying to "finish" as I go along as much as possible.

For many years I worked exclusively from life under time limitations which meant working quickly and "all over" the canvas to bring it to completion. Now that I'm working up large paintings in my studio from studies and photos I've taken, I'm putting much more time and thought into my work. I still want the painterly look, however.

Which brings me to what I love about realistic, painterly painting....

I enjoy the look of a painting that looks natural (or lifelike) but definitely looks like a painting at the same time. I have a theory that the mind can't decide finally "is it real or is it Memorex" and that creates a very enjoyable, magical, "dynamic tension," as I refer to it. It's what I've always admired about certain masters that I've studied for many years: John Singer Sargent and Richard Schmid are only two of them. This magic is what compels me to work at my easel each day, and when I achieve this quality in my work, I feel a great sense of achievement and satisfaction from it.

On the right is the quarter-size oil study I created to work out my idea. I refer to this study and the reference photo I took as I work on the large painting.

Stay tuned for more progress updates!

"Happiness: the full use of your powers along lines of excellence."

- John F. Kennedy

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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In was waiting for your update. I is nice to see the painting coming step by step alive. It is becoming a real masterpiece I think.
I will await your update of next week.


Thanks so much @rolf.bakker It's coming along. 😃

Wow this is beautiful great to see you after a long time

this is created awesomely looks fantastic

incredible details you have added with your artistic touch :)

this is what i call creativity in my defination @chessmonster

the details are very nice great art progress :)

Your paintings are fuc#ing amazing. Great piece of art. I usually draw sometimes on pc using paint something like this IMG_20180303_025449.jpg

Wow, very beautiful ...
Thanks for sharing your work with us .

Is it hard to stay "loose" and "painterly" when you work like this? It is rather different from the way you work on location. No inclination to go too far in detailing etc. when you have the time?


@ocrdu A very insightful comment. There is indeed the temptation to get very detailed and "tight" as it's called. But even though I have loads of time, I'm still using direct painting strokes as much as possible. This painting will have much more thought put into it so it will reflect that. If I have to sacrifice a bit of that spontaneous look I get on location, so be it. I'll be getting something else which I think will be the next step up from painting on location. Thanks for the good comment.

Every time, when I saw your amazing work, made me thinking, I wish I could do the same as you my dear friend @chessmonster. We sould connect and support each other by follow each other. I already upvoted you and following you, please think about that. My apologize if I sent this post to you already.Thanks and greeting from @chanthasam


I checked, and, well, no, you didn't upvote this post and you didn't follow me. Also, you copy and paste multiple comments like this in the effort to get support for yourself. Perhaps you aren't aware so I'll clue you in: this insincerity will not work. If you do this again, I will downvote you.