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in art •  11 months ago

This is the first in a series of updates on the progress of the oil painting "Geraniums" that I'm currently working on. I plan on posting occasionally as I develop this project, hopefully to a successful conclusion over the coming weeks (and perhaps, months - it's a big canvas: 30"x36").

I found this subject in the historic mining town of Jerome, Arizona, as I wandered about town. These plants were situated on a wall in front of a home right next to the sidewalk and street. Bathed in sunlight, it was an inspiring, stunning scene, so I took some photos for a possible future painting.

On the right is the quarter-size oil study I created to work out my idea. I refer to this study and the reference photo I took as I work on the large painting.

I've just started to paint color in the center of interest on top of the reddish-brown underpainting which was done thinly (like a watercolor) with turpentine.

Stay tuned for more progress updates!

"Happiness: the full use of your powers along lines of excellence."

- John F. Kennedy

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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That is really a great piece of art. After a long time here, I have seen such beautiful paintings especially in oil painting category. Steemit is the perfect platform for the artists here. I am really happy to see great artists around the globe here. Keep it up the good work here.


i will stay tuned to see this can't wait to see more of this art :)

Dear Artist @chessmonster ! This post has been resteemed and upvoted from FineArtNow account ! See you soon !

it is really a very successful oil painting work. Congratulations on your technique :)


Hello, thank you very much! @artizm

Great post @chessmonster. I have only used oils a few times in my life so far but am interested in getting some more experience with them at some stage in the near future. So i'll follow your progress on this piece with interest. Happy painting!

Great this is looking in the process can't wait to see it when it is done :D all the best


Thanks @blazing It will be awhile.

So cool work on the first layer looking nice @chessmonster

Great start painting! I'm waiting for the continuation)

what a creativity in art!!!!