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in art •  7 months ago

I posted this watercolor before on Steemit but I couldn't resist posting it again.

”Apple Core” 11"x15" (#3365) watercolor on Arches by Lee Gordon Seebach

I found this squirrel in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, Arizona. He was enjoying an apple core for lunch and graciously posed for me so I could take a photo. I painted this watercolor in my studio.

”Be such a man, and live such a life, that if every man were such as you, and every life a life like yours, this earth would be God's Paradise.”

Phillips Brooks

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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Another nice painting Lee. I love the way you have almost “blended” in the squirrel into the light and the tree.


Thank you, Rolf. Glad you enjoy it. @rolf-bakker

It is amazing how your “simple” watercolor brush move creates the texture of a squrrel's fur, @chessmonster. And catchlight in the eyes. Great work.

BTW, do you have any chess category? Can't believe that nick is accidental.


@lighteye Thank you very much. Yes, I play chess, rated around 1360 USCF, which I guess puts me in the D category. Thanks for commenting.


Is that USCF other name for ELO, or a completely different rating system?


1360 ELO rating system. USCF = United States Chess Federation.

I like him; kinda whimsical and light spirited. Nice capture on the photo and nice execution! These little guys like to move around a lot...


Thanks @reddragonfly Yup...gotta be fast with the shutter release button!

Interesting artwork so good to see your post after a long this does put a smile one my face hahah :D


He was a charmer...no doubt about it. @blazing Thanks for commenting.

Well spotted and captured. I like squirrels.

Is it possible to "store" such a brief moment without a photo and still do a studio painting, or would that be an inhuman feat?


Hello @ocrdu Thank you. I couldn't paint this from memory, so yes I needed the photo to work from. Maybe others can do it, but not me. Thanks for commenting!

I like the way how squirrel remains almost hidden in this watercolor. Just like in real life, in nature.


@zorank Thanks for commenting with an interesting observation that I hadn't thought of before.

I love his painting "Apple Core"


@katilda I'm glad! Thanks for the nice comment.

WOW. you have caught an extraordinary moment. And you drew it in the most beautiful and perfect way. I like your technique. I do not do much pictures, I take more pictures. but I had a few tries. and working with watercolors really requires technical and skill. Very successful. congratulations.

and have a nice day .. my friend :)


Thank you very much @mnallica Yes indeed, watercolors are a challenge.

It's so cute!!


@joxus Thanks! Glad you like it.

Lee, everything alright with you. Did not see you for almost two months on steemit.
I am very curious about your geranium project.