Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett.

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Shine on you crazy diamond.
Things you don't know About Pink Floyd's 'Crazy Diamond'.
1- Syd enjoyed his mental illness.
1- One of Barrett's Pink Floyd singles remains unreleased.
1- The last song he wrote for Pink Floyd is impossible to play.
1- Leaving London for good, he traveled 50 miles to his mother's house – on foot.
1- He watched a documentary about his own life – and didn't like it.



Let me drop some things I remember here, for that I really like Pink Floyd, Syd and David Gilmour:

At an early gig, Syd wanted everybody in the club high, literally, so when everybody was in, they burned some 100 grams of dope or weed into the ventilation-system before the gig. It wasnt like expected, but after all, WTF. :D

After Crazy Diamond was recorded, Syd appeared to the studio, he was without hair and in terrible condition so the other members of the band wouldnt even recognize him at first, when he listened to the intro, just said: "boring" and left the studio. Imagine!

Imo he was a talented musician but at some point, drugs waste a mind and he never came back from his trips.

It's time to listen Interstellar Overdrive full volume. :)

Syd liked to trip. It was his undoing.

And he enjoyed it!

Personally, I prefer psilocybin. I feel like I'm still in control. LOL


best group of all time. congratulations. great album and sharing

Thanks for the resteem!

didn't know that, very interesting

How do you know that he really "enjoyed "?

By explaining this.


You lost me. As @bobrovee asks, what authority do you have for saying he enjoyed his illness? Not saying you're wrong, just wonder how you can say that given that no-one really knew him during the last few decades of his life. Peace.

You can read the comment posted before concerning this issue.

My portrait doesn’t explain anything.

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