My Latest From "Spirit Animals"

in art •  3 months ago 

This two page spread was a lot of fun to color and took a few hours in total. I used chalk, gel pens, pencils, and markers. This is from Hanna Karlzon's latest book "Spirit Animals." Definitely enjoyed myself with this one.

Hope everyone is thriving post HF21. Thanks for visiting!

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Very nice drawing

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Thanks my friend. Hope all is well. How's HF21 trrating ya?

you do such cool coloring on these my wife does coloring occasionally, but its not something I have the skill or patience for myself

That's cool it's relaxing and enjoyable for me. But everybody has their thing :)
Also you're so artistic you got the skill if you n ever tried :)

I may be somewhat artistic with the camera but not with drawing trust me LOL

My younger sister could be a tattoo artist, very good at drawing but im mediocre at best and better at and enjoy more bringing artists' work to life

You do wonderfully at bring them to life for sure :)

Interesting idea

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