Meet the Radical Zebra

in art •  3 months ago

Meet "Z." He's all about himself and with such dashing, radical looks.....we can only imagine why! This is my latest coloring from Lisa Mitrokhin's coloring book "for kids", called "Lisa's Lovable Wildlings." I know I am not the only non-kid coloring in it.
The designs are fun and not overly simplistic; they are simply not her typical more risque work.

For this coloring I used sargent brushtip markers, one copic gold tone marker, smoov & sakura gel pens, and one black colored pencil.

So what do you think about "Z"? I had a lot of fun with him. Thanks for visiting my blog!!
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My husband just asked me what do you use hemp paste for?


I use it for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. It is a little pricey but u do lot need to ingest much and it is helpful

Awesome drawing, love the color story!

Thats so cool and yes indeed colorful

Pretty sweat. I just did a little song thing i could use a resteem with if possible


Bro, you should know by now asking for resteems is like.....bad
..... but i did give you an upvote for god rapping