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in art •  2 years ago

So I love color and imperfections that I think are perfected.

Most of these paintings are for my kids rooms.... the flamingos represent a lot in my life and are a part of the twins decor....


The peacock is for my first daughter so she can hold her own beauty & uniqueness while gaining sisters.

Slats of old wood in the garage came in handy for these slivers of feathers...

The jellyfish inspired me to push my limits in my artistic painting ... I did a class for this one and thoroughly enjoyed what I learned.

This little fishy here holds true to my heart. This was shortly after my dad passed away....
I had planned to paint this for him while I stayed at the hospital.... I wanted to have something for him to look at and inspire him to not give up.
Sadly, things were very dark in the hospital and I never painted it. I struggled daily at the hospital, as did he.
I put the supplies away for a long time, then one day said to myself.
"Dammit I said I was going to paint that fish for him, so let's do this Cat."
It was my most therapeutic painting yet.

I still smile to myself when I look at this fish, just knowing how much of my heart I put into it.

I have a lot more art and paintings to share, birth, & maybe even post during a project....
But for today I'll end on my special fish 🐟 💙

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