[Sunda(ily) Fungraphic] - Sunday Fun Graphic Series - Fishing

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Steem Fishing - Thumb

Howdy all,

as i was basically working on UI and branding stuff over the past week. I did wake up today and wanted to work on something not so serious - so i was thinking, what i'd create today?

Thinking process

OK, so after thinking about, even considering into, i want to continue this series with same main topic, i decided to get on the "Whale" debate and giving this, sometimes serious debated topic - a fun note...

Nothing to add here, as always, one picture can say then 1000 words


I just want to give all "minions" faith and please continue posting, even if you won't get recognized directly,
believe me, curation is a though job here, and sometimes, great content get missed by the "whales"!

Let's make this world a better place - together as a team - THE STEEM DREAM TEAM you know

  • whales
  • Dolphins
  • Minions

Steem Fishing - Variant 1

Steem Fishing - Variant 1

Steem Fishing - Wallpaper HD 1920x1080px

Steem Fishing - Wallpaper HD 1920x1080px

Next week this series will continue with a unique STEEM tip of the iceberg graphic - Some of u are aware of my created Bitshares Wallpaper with them topic

But i will completely start from scratch and trying to bring is this time in a more flat and polyart style your way.
OK guys, over the next days i'm on business travel, when not able to answer directly, pls don't personal - will answer when back at office then - That said!

Happy Steeming

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I would scream if a whale noticed my writing, its an exciting but doubt it will ever happen thought

Don't give up hope, it happened to me while commenting on someone else's post. It's validating and very energizing. You're doing quite well with your comment in this thread. Congrats!

Its made my day that's for sure :)

so do you scream?

I will if it ever happens lol

Argggghhhh ve just screamed OMG I thought it was a myth lol argghhhhhhhhh

enjoy your sunday ;)


:) Thank you

I will now lol thank you

(something like that?)

Yeah a lot like that

Karen, I don't post much but I've been whale hugged for commenting. Best feeling ever and it will happen.

I'm aiming for a whale hug on one of my posts, hopefully it will happen once my writing improves

oh god, you're work is so god damn polished. One of my monitors is getting a new wallpaper for sure.

Yep thanks @cass for my new wallpaper

That is a beautiful illustration and a great article. It can be disheartening when you post a really good article and it gets buried but it's definitely about consistency and I try to not only focus on the reward. :)

I want that as my phone lock screen.

let me create a suited WP for phones! Good idea

I love this place.

@cass, this is brilliant! Holy chipmunk chins! I freaking love this! It's perfect. I think the squid swimming down looks a bit phallic, but it is pretty as well. You're a talent, fo sure. And I really love the minnows that are all formed into the shape of a big fish!

Hey cass,

Thank you for giving me hope. I don't even know if you or any other will read what I write here but it actually helps me a lot to write it. As I started on Steemit my first post my a true successes. It made me literally on fire and I wanted to give as much as I can in return. Steemit made me feel like a second home. After my next few posts I realised I was too optimistic. It wasn't about the earning. It's the feedback. When you write, take picture or try to be creative and no one cares, well that hurts. I asked myself if I should stop. Guess what? I won't as you see cause I am a fighter. I changed my mind and now I am currently working on a story that should change my being on Steemit. I will put much love and effort into my following story. Hope people will see what I did there. I love to talk to the people here, so when I can help you hit me on the chat. Same name as here.

Thank you for your time :)

AWESOME art work as always!!

Love the fun side of this; i feel cold just by looking at this guy!

thats me

Awesome post @cass Ive never made more than 80 cents myself and I think my quality is pretty good as a new whale I would appreciate your support Here on my post

Maybe start to avoid looking just on the rewards, a post is getting - just write about things u'r passionate about - IF the STEEM community in general is noticing "some love & heart blood" you are putting into your efforts and contributions - they will support u - and once u are recognized .. things are just going UP..!

👍great posting and wallpaper @cass

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good work i like it upvoted

Hi Cass! The steem fishing looks great! I'm gonna print it and add to my vision board haha! Throw a enthusiastic Sea Monkey in there someday for me!

Love the first graphic showing minnows schooling up to look like a whale!

Awesome graphics. I wish I could design this good!! hehe

These are so damn beautiful. well played mate.

I have to agree, if I was lucky enough to be curated by a whale; it would give me the confidence to attempt more complex posts. We all need an element of encouragement to discover our hidden talents!! Keep it up; well done!!

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I see that you can make great graphics, i really laughed off this one :) it is really good haha :D

By the way, there are minnows and whales.
And how to get on the jellyfish level? :DD

Well, i would enjoy being an Anglerfish too, i could bait some whales with the light i have on my head,lol.

I absolutely love the graphics, but weren't we (the little guys) supposed to be "Minnows"? lol

Wa ha ha. Really cool. It's so true :0)

Great wallpaper! love using the book as a bait :D

Ahaha! Nice art. Love the "bait" / anglerfish metaphore! :)

Made a doodle of it really quick:

Love your little doodle :) Looking forward the new little doodles you'll be doing :)

Thank you! :) I'll draw more of them eventually!

I'm still figuring out how everything works here.

Wow you've caught the orca and the minnow squad in 45 minutes!

great work I hope your business trip is a success.

Great! Very clever! A selection of images of the inhabitants of the ocean just brilliant! Especially, shoal of small fish! Cool! I think you accurately capture the mood of the fisherman. This man put everything in the article. If he does not catch a big fish? He will have nothing to take to home. This is a high level of satire and irony!

hahahaha a really fun graphic! :) following from now on

Beautiful work, not sure if I'm a dolphin or a whale, but I love your work regardless. Keep it up.

looks like I´m the Air bubble

this is gold, nice work

yet another great design/thoughtful work! 👍

That's it, @cass! Flat design is in trend now, as far as I can see. It will be great if you do more work in this style ;) Good luck in the journey!

Love the picture! Adding it my rotation of desktop wallpapers :)

Wow! Really awesome graphic! Good on you for making so much money from it! :0)

Great wallpaper @cass

Delightful! You're so very talented ;)

Really awesome artwork, love it. Would you mind telling us what software you used? Looking forward to next artistic piece from you! ;)

Saludos desde Venezuela, espero ganar mucho dinero con esto.

Buena suerte! Aquí vamos

How do I put a picture of my post?? every time I'm trying, there come a empty box??? Why?

If you are in the "Editor" mode, there is a button where you can add a picture. If you switch to "Markdown" mode, below the place where you edit the text is a place that will show you a preview of your post. The image should show up in the preview. If you are in "Markdown" mode, you can also just paste the URL/link to the image directly in the text, and it should show up that way as well.

Jaja, the Whales!!! Great worlk, cass! I keep on fishing as well😃

Awesome Steemit art! Thanks for posting :)

[Image Credit]

Nice to see myself floating down there.

successful fishing :-)

wow great creativity

Awesome wallpaper! Thanks. Upvoted fo sho!

Think the trick to steem may be in the fish bait.

what a great effort you always put in . great work

There are so many subtleties in this. I love it.

@cass I sent you a STEEM with a message attached. Please view when you get a chance :)

That is AMAZING. I wish I was as good as you!