Original Drawing by @caseynealartwork - 'Snowbulb'

in art •  10 months ago

One of my favorite drawings in the studio!

Snowbulb - Casey Neal Artwork.jpg

I sketched up this lightbulb a while back after a good snowstorm we had roll through the valley. I was swapping out lightbulbs in the studio when I saw the snowfall out the window and had the idea. So I took a brand new bulb out back and captured the reference photo for this drawing.

Graphite: Staedtler-Mars Lumograph Pencils
Charcoal: General's White & Black Charcoal Pencils
Paper: Strathmore 400 Series White

Lightbulb - Strathmore 400 Series White.jpg

The majority of this drawing was created using the light graphite pencils. Once the details were drawn I darkened the shadow areas using black charcoal. The very last step was throwing in a touch of white charcoal to make those highlights pop.

Snowbulb Reference - Casey Neal Artwork.jpg

Thank you to those that took the time to view and read through my post.
It's very much appreciated.

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Hey thanks! I appreciate it.

If you hadn't shown the steps, I would not belive its a drawing. Excellent!


The ultimate compliment haha. Thank you, means a lot!