The Building of the Horse #7

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It has been a while since I posted anything on here, so I thought I'd finish up my horse build series. Here are some photos of the build since the last post.


Wow it really has been a long time.


Often times I end up trying parts out and they don't really work out right. The shiny dome in the belly here is one such part. It wasn't quite right, but it got me pointed in the right direction.


When working with found objects, creating symmetry in a sculpture can be a real challenge. Here I had two identical brackets, which was bad, because I needed a left hand and a right hand version to do what I wanted to do with them. I was able to fix the problem by cutting the side arms off and flipping the middle around before welding the part back together.


They could then be welded to the head, filling it out considerably.


I found an old compressor tank, and the ends worked well for the stomach area.


The lower chest piece helped a lot, but the hooves really brought a huge improvement.




This night photo was kind of cool. Perhaps a bit evil.


Horses with tails are better than the tail free ones.


Should I write any more on this post? The horse votes nay. Thanks for reading.


Well, I've just gone through all the back posts of your build and it was a fun journey. After watching the mechanics test with it in motion I'd love to see it in motion now completed (is it completed or are there some more touches to go?). I can almost see the horse completely in motion!

It was amazing to see it slowly come to together. The night shot is pretty scary. I certainly wouldn't want to greet it alone at night!

I love the hooves. You're so right, larger ones look really good. What did you use for them?

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Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it. The hooves are made from cut up brake drums and discs mostly.

I'm stunned by this post, your prior posts, and the horse itself. Wow. I see you got a commission/honorarium to do this and I am so glad you did. I was wondering where on earth such a sculpture would end up.

You must have very forgiving neighbors or no neighbors at all. And the nighttime shot as simply amazing. I am so thrilled I got to see this today.

Thank you. I am lucky to have neighbors who are amused by my antics.

Its a great art work .. so great 👌👌👌

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This is incredibly surprising, I'm very interested in the miniature image. It's fabulous what you managed to do with those materials and also with that size, something fantastic that I had never seen here in steemit, excellent post I loved, a big hug @captainyeeha !!

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When I've seen the title I thought HUH!? Building a horse?! When I opened your post my mouth dropped. This is amazing. I can't even describe how stunning it is. I have seen this kind of art works in Prague. There is a place where students of the Technical university put their pieces together. It's very popular among tourists.

I hope I want offend you by saying that to me it looks like a great way of upcycling. I do understand that this was most likely not what you were doing, but I see old things turned into something beautiful.

Thank you for sharing!

Glad you liked it. It is always nice to give broken down things a new life.

Hi captainyeeha,

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Amazing steampunk art O_O.
Look at how big that horse is, it is truly a majestic creation. I bet it will look spectacular once it is completed.
Congratulations for your curie vote. Totally deserve it :D.

WOW...hey this looks very cool :)

That is one amazing sculpture, @captainyeeha :O I wonder how heavy your horse is! It's really of respectable size in terms of presence !!!

The night picture is kinda scary but also well fitting for Halloween month :D

And I can imagine that it would be difficult to find two parts for each side of the horse, but I think you did wonderfully ! <3

Thank you, I am glad you liked it. I find matching parts when I can, and I cut a part in half to make a matched pairs a lot also. It weighs about 2000 pounds, plus whatever the fence stuff weighs.

Hi captainyeeha,

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That is really amazing, beautiful sculpture, very well done horse, especially of this size, the shape, forms, the posture, everything is perfect, you are so talented, that is absolutely crazy skill to create such a sculpture from many different little pieces. Brilliant idea and very well executed.

Thank you very much.

Really a terrific work . Call it an Iron horse. The best part is that it is made up of found object...each looks gives a mechanical touch to the sculpture. It is very difficult to make such sculpture using found object as a single missibg part msy spoil the entire effort put in....glad you successfully completed the work...looking dashing though😉

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you definitely should write more about this sculpture. I am curious about the numbers : how much time did you spend on it, how expensive was it, where did you collect your "scraps" and what is your relation with Burning Man Festival :)
your artwork looks way much more than just fantastic, especially the head !

Thank you. I have no idea how much time and money actually went into this project. I get parts from all over. Junk yards, private people, dumpsters, etc. Burning Man has been so kind as to give financial assistance to the three large sculptures I have brought to the event.

Yee-hah! This is such a awesomely cool sculpture @captainyeeha! And you have put such a good use to old parts! I am amazed with your level of detail. Each part makes up the horse beautifully! The horse looks like a horse! Love the hair and tail!

Thank you. Glad you liked it.