The Building of the Horse #6

in #art3 years ago

Greetings fellow humans,

As you know, or can reasonably deduce from the "#6" at the end of the title, I have been building a horse for a while now. The major fabrication of interior parts has been done for a while, and since then I have been attaching various found parts to the exterior, and will continue to do so until it looks like a properly spiffy horse. Since the process for this part of the project is fairly self explanatory, I have not been taking as many photos as I have in the past, but here is what I have made so far, followed by a couple of pictures from along the way.




This project was made possible in part by a grant from Burning Man Arts.

Thanks for reading!


i really like its head! :)

For some reason the pics are sideways this time. Sorry about that, It has not happened to me before.

Did you take the pictures with your phone? I have had problems with bad image importing unless I open the files in MS Paint, select all, copy, open a new Paint window, paste, and save under a new name. It's rather cumbersome.

Alternatively, you could try using another image hosting site and copying in the link. If you have your own website, that could work even better.

Thanks, I will try that next time.

impressive! This will be a great work.
Keep it up. And congratulation for the grant!