New Steampunk Scorpion

in art •  last year 

Greetings Fellow Humans,

I made a new scorpion today. It is about 6 Inches long and made of found parts. Scorpions are a fascinating animal. I have a plan to make a huge one that walks around and can carry a person in each claw. That will have to wait though, so for now this one will have to satisfy my scorpion making needs.




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That's a great ambition, will you bring the big guy to the burn?

I like scorpions too... check out this little guy: 20180221_082530.jpg

Found him on the side of a plastic hamper!


Yeah, I am planning for the big guy to be my transportation on playa. It will likely be a few years before I can do it though.


Ooh nice! maybe by that time I will my rounds on the playa again!!!!

I'm surprised we don't see that many burners on steemit...or I don't see them anyways.

i can just see that thing crawling around.

Hey that's my sign. Love it! Resteemed.