@Canna-Curate 15 SBD Page Divider Contest Winner @Rosama

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Thanks to everyone who entered the Contest!

All participants will receive a 1 SBD participation award but there can only be one winner and that is @Rosama . We had some really stellar entries and you can all pat yourselves on the back for the work you've done. We'll do our best to send out that SBD in the next 24 hours.

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Runner Ups









Written by: @BluntSmasha

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Awesome. Congrats @Rosama on the sweet looking design.

CONGRATULATIONS @Rosama, @Trayan and @Sgt-Dan!!
Thank you to all who entered!!

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Congrats to the winners! And, thanks for the 1 SBD! You rock!!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for putting on this contest! What a great bunch of entries! What would be cool is if we used our divider entries in our posts! Now that would really be cool. I think it could help to get rid of the old stigma that surrounds cannabis!

Feel free to use any of them!