My Simple Drawing

in art •  10 months ago

This is the simplest drawing I've made.


I hope you will enjoy what I did. I did this as a basketball enthusiast and I just want to make a team like this just in the village. I do not have to react to the face I'm drawing because I'm probably familiar with the person I've drawn.


I just started to use the pencil even though it was fuzzy, I fixed it to make it clean.


Until I made it clear and well done.


Because I was not content yet I prefered to use a ballpen.

Only ballpen and pencil that I used and also Cray pass.
I did not go through the patience.

 "That's all my folks"
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Nice drawing that is awesome ^_^


Thanks loyd

Nice drawing @lebron2016 might love this.

nice drawing .. keep it up


Thank you bro., I did not expect that there are some body who appreciate my work. :)

nice drawing .. keep it up

that's indeed a very nice drawing :) wonderful talent


Wow kabayan ang galing :) mahilig karin mglaro ng basketball?


ou kabayan., malapit lang kasi sa amin ang basketball court dito

Detailed. I remember SLAM DUNK the art is so similar with the anime. I hope I am good at using ballpen too. Thanks for sharing.


Your welcome miss thanks for appreciation.