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BTC under pressure. Will it hit 4650$? I say yes! Goldman Sachs comes to the rescue! Impending doom or another bull sign? For those risk inclined look at QTUM. I’m out of liquidity for it, sadly.

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Goldman Sachs Explores a New World: Trading Bitcoin


Because, you know, they aren’t doing it already… Yeah, right…

QTUM! It has broken the recent downtrend, and the next stop might be that yellow 35 satoshi. That is 35% gain, ladies and gentlemen! Luck favours the brave!

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What are we without culture? Last weekend we had the White Night in Zagreb. No, nothing to do with the Long Night. It’s mostly street events which celebrate contemporary art by emphasising audiovisual experience. Meaning that you get light shows and evocative music! I was impressed how they transformed the Croatian National Theatre! Grotesque or interesting? Old meets the new.

Nothing better than having a can with you when browsing the streets. Ah, sweet freedom!

Who is into electric cars?

The evening ended at a Craft Pub called Valhalla in some very, very pretty company!

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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I was worried that there wasn't going to be any beer for a while 😀

But I knew really there was no need to worry...

I was concerned that there would not have been any brew for some time Great thank you for share

I'm tired of hearing about QTUM. Everyone should just send theirs to me and let me suffer through holding it. :)

Neat place to hang out and enjoy!

Great post. Upvoted and following u. How does one become a member with @thealliance ? Can you please advise. Regards Nainaz

Great post and I enjoyed these pictures!


Thanks, great to see you visiting! I'm usually good curation, hehe, so stop by ;)

Great thank you for shar

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Great post.Congratulation bro.go ahead.

Nice photos, I hope btc is going up and give prosper for people. :) (hpx)

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