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Episode 01: The Basic Idea

Every time i got a basic idea for a comic, i start to draw by pencil & paper. Most of the time, its just a very ugly picture of an idea, but this time i think the drawing looks very cool to use it for this series. If you ever got a cool idea, dont think your drawing skills are too bad ... just do it. Sooner or later you will be proud of your own work.

What you need:

1. a piece of paper
2. a pencil
3. a cool idea

From Analog To Digital


There is so many hardware and software available to create this next step ... this will be a special post coming in future.


My next step is the basic coloring in a new layer behind the layer of the outlines created on our last step.


I am using a very cheap pad from TRUST. It fits to my cheap skills. Maybe in future i will buy the "Wacom One" ... or a supporter will make this dream come try by using my Amazon Wishlist or sending me some crypto ^^ ... if you like to get detailed informations about the way i am doing my drawings, support me with your UPVOTE / RESTEEM and i will create a video ... if this get more than $5 in 7 days.

Eine deutsche Version erscheint in Kürze auf unserer Familien Website

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seems like we wont get more than 1 Cent on this, so sorry ... full version will be release on our website (german only) soon, but investing time in steemit seems to be useless now.