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RE: Chickenosaurus (WIP)

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What did you use to make the rope twists? A black micro pen?
You could have done it with a brush...
I just can't quite tell what color the lines are.
Did you shade the ropes after the lines, or before?

What are the two colors you used on the yellow rope?

I agree that the stars worked out lovely!
Very very nice.

I wanna ride too!


I used Pigma colored brush pens. I used Hanza yellow and orange, with purple outline for shadowing, I outlined with the pen brush and went over the whole thing with very tiny 000 brush with zinc white gouache. I shaded the ropes before I outlined with my Pigma brush pen and added the white gouache for highlights.

We can go for a ride together, I have another rooster who gets along with mine. Most of the time you can't put two roosters together because all the want to do is fight...Thank goodness the Chickensauras is smarter than our domesticated chickens...