Demonic “Art” in Colorado Springs? What is this thing?steemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  6 months ago

This metal art work is new in my city in the last couple months and needless to say it has a few people including me questioning why it’s even here in the first place. This thing is so out of place here in this conservative City that I don’t know what to think of why it’s here. Does anyone recognize this creature from anything?

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That looks like some transformers shit :D pretty amazing

Well, to me it looks like Hillary Clinton just arrived in your city and wants to settle there ...

· does look like HRC!


Wow, really great pice of work.It seems like an alien. Hats off to the artist.Thanks for sharing with us sir.

Nice video .
I like it .

Keep good work of every time .

Thanks for sharing @broncnutz
Upvote you .

It looks like there is a sentinel from the Matrix about to attack the cars trying to enter. Or escape from the city. Maybe we don’t know it yet bu this is the first step in the rise of the machines. It’s not a horrible piece of art but it doesn’t seem to have any context at all in that location. Here in Ottawa we have a giant metal spider downtown. If it wasn’t outside the National Art Museum it would look super odd. What am I saying, it does look odd but at least in has some context.
That’s the Notre Dame Basilica in the background. A popular tourist attraction.

Colorado Springs is conservative? You don't come across as conservative ;)

It looks like a creature out of some Japanese Anime cartoon

Indeed very alien, very Japanese

I am really wondered.I could not understand what is this?this is too much different from all other art work.

The veil is lifting.

Aliens made it

not sure why loads of people are mad about it, its a random sculpture, really well made by the looks of it. doesnt need a context, perhaps the building owner likes art, fancied putting some on his roof.
If people are upset about that get them to visit where i live Bristol, UK its packed with weird art, graffiti and people. Diversity! how the world should be.

Really sensed to me as a 🐉 dragon.......... But can't really predict......

We had a strangely colored naked man chilling around in our city for a while. One of the most awkward statues I have ever seen.

Needless to say that the only thing weirder than a weird artist are the people who appreciate said artists.

Looks like an Octopus mermaid very creepy. Nice drone footage!

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Dear devilish piece of artwork ..I could say nice things about you, but I’d rather tell the truth... so could you please excuse us from the trammel of your companionship.. Get Out !! ;)) lol

hello Sir. These things are really strange. I've never seen such artwork or handicraft before. It is not like the octopus to see. its different from the Octopus. but have seen this type Creature/ animal in a movie. the name of that movie is "'Riddick"'.
22.PNG .
thanks for sharing this video and post. regularly I read your post.

it's really beautiful!

I like location all around this art piece . Hills, roads bridge very nice

what a nice vedio!!!
thanks for sharing with us

Awesome video sir.Thanks for sharing it.

awesome video,,,

Colorado Springs : Wow this is really awesome @broncnutz.

This is a great surprise sir,thanks for sharing.

actually its a different art work.i like it
tnx for video, man

@broncnutz thanx for your support... Answer to your question is Yes, Any one wants to recognised there building ? (+_+)

It looks like an allien

that looks very different and unusual you got great footage for everyone thanks for sharing

That's so cool!

A great thing, I saw it first

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an den Künstler. Danke, dass Sie uns das mitgeteilt haben, Sir. Es sieht aus wie eine sehr unheimliche Oktopus-Sirene. Gute Drohnenaufnahme!

Wow looks very great I would love to see the full video but my internet is too slow for that :( thank you for sharing

Reminds me of those monsters the Sentinels in the Matrix, they get chased by in the 3rd movie. These bad boys. Crazy someone put that up on a main strip, seems huge too!

That's not art and should be turn down,
Such sight are not meant to be displayed involutarily to the public
If the owner of the building is interested in satanism, let him do it in the comfort of his home.

It's amazing art work

Oh so nice ..
Really nice.

Demon is what demon does.
It is a beautiful sculpture @broncnutz and i also want a similar sculpture like that if I would build my house.

A nice metal artwork, but I totally agree with your opinion. it should not be there and should be in a building of artwork.

What an interesting sculpture, a very peculiar way. It seems that kind of things you see in an alien invasion hahaha. I love the way it has. It's a very good art but you're right, what would be the reason for doing it in that area, I do not think it's the right area.