I Understand I'm A Liability

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There seems to be a very shameful disdain for broken people. I'm not sure if this practice has spread worldwide, or what. But it certainly is prevalent in the U.S. Regardless of what has broken or is crippling a person, they are shunned (unless they're rich, of course lol). Be it emotional, financial or physical brokenness... doesn't matter. They're treated as if it's contagious. How sad. How very sad, indeed.


When a broken person becomes painfully aware they're broken, damaged, disabled, they might start apologizing, picking up signals they are burdensome to others. I'm sorry my grief annoys you. I'm sorry my emotional state is irritating. I'm sorry I'm taking so long to heal. I'm sorry I keep crying. I'm sorry my ptsd pisses you off. I'm sorry that I don't trust people. I'm sorry for breathing... as if the avoiders are being put upon by gracing hurting people with a glance. What's happened to our humanity?


But that's what this painting is about. How people in need... people who are suffering... are viewed and treated like a liability in the life of someone who cannot be bothered. I'm baffled by how many people relate to my art, and how few people actually reach out in kindness and care to others. Are we all collectively waiting for someone to reach out to us? so we never make the first move? I don't know the answer to this. I tend to think it's selfishness, but who knows...


There's a lot of beauty in the world. And it's not just physical or perhaps a breathtaking sunset. It's not the deal (or swindle) you made that got you on top. Beauty is so many things, unnoticed. If you only know how to look at things the right way, you will see. There can be beauty in brokenness. Because brokenness can bring forth humility and a certain kind of change that nothing else can create. And that kind is the vehicle that drives the desire to help others in similar circumstances. There can be beauty in poverty. Living simply and being thankful for what you have. Not all the crap you lust after and lose interest in once obtained. Poor people tend to be the most generous. Beauty in simplicity. Being mindful of life, need and what isn't necessary. Beauty in becoming limited, due to emotional or physical health. Things of this nature can make or break you. If you see the good, you will become better. If you only focus on what you think is bad, then you will become bitter, blaming anything and everything for your circumstance.
Kaizen - always improving.
Wabisabi - flawed beauty, beauty in imperfection.
That's what Broken Toyland is all about. Because there's a crack in everything... that's how the light gets in.
Available art, here: http://www.brokentoyland.com/forsale.htm

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Being aware of what is broken, and making your art is not a liability. It's being human. And we need more people doing that, being that. Thank you.


Thanks. Yep, I know. Not going to be crammed into someone's mold, no matter what :) But I guess I was being sarcastic, in trying to poke at what most people consider brokenness.

I love your art; I hope you keep sharing it with us.


Thank you :) I hope so, too! That's the plan, anyways ;)