Be Yourself

in art •  9 months ago

It is with a super heavy heart, that I present this new piece, titled: to Be Yourself is all that you can do. I created this after hearing one of my favorite musicians, Chris Cornell, took his own life, yesterday. Such a tragedy. I don't know why he lost hope. Breaks my heart. All I can do, is continue to hold onto mine and try to encourage others to hold on, too.
The subject of 'being yourself' is an important one to me and has been nearly my entire life. I do not like conformity. It doesn't make for popularity, but all the same. I know Chris understood this, too. So I painted this in tribute, after one of my favorite songs of his: Be Yourself. A song in my own personal life soundtrack.

This painting is a reminder to be yourself, whoever you are. Don't try to be like someone else or to be like everyone else. Be YOU. Get to know who you are. Grow your strengths. Find your tribe. Be open to communication and honesty. Don't give place to fear. See the good. Be the change. Walk the talk. Have integrity, etc.

Dammit, Chris... why'd you do that?

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Thank you. Beautiful tribute


Very heart felt. Thank you.

Such a beautiful expression of a tragic situation.


I also wish that all people could see and find hope xoxo big hug !

Ive never been a conformist at all. I know its a different genre, but old Merle Haggard wrote a tune that sums up my thinking on it. I Wear My Own Kind of Hat. You cant please everyone, so you may as well please yourself. Followed ;)


Those are the best kinda hats :)

Hi! whats going on?? I need more of your artist work to enjoy my life :) Two days with no post from you is too much!


lol thanks. I have one coming that I've been working on for a few days.


yeah, i saw it yesterday... the second one for Chris Cornell isn't it? Very nice too.

see u around :)


Yes, that's #2. I wanted to do one more... but not sure. I'm discouraged.