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RE: Goat camo....can you find the goat lol.

in #art5 years ago

It's definitely not. I put 1 btc in there bc they supported the bch fork. I withdrew both just fine. Plus if you believe in fud. Don't put any coins in there they still give you free coins everday.


There are a lot of complains in google, about stealing your money when you try to transfer a bigger amount, just read them.

I can't comment on other ppls complaints but I've never had any major issues and when I've had problem I've always got them solved through Twitter

If its too good to be the true then you better watch.
In this world we live in, nothing is ever freenot even in freetown.

My question about #Qinpro is wheredo they get the free coin that they giveaway to people and to what purpose?

Are they #SantaClause or a time bomb waiting to explode

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