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Sitting in a cafe on Sunday, I noticed a window that looked onto a brick wall. At first glance it was dark and ugly.
Within half an hour, the sunlight, somehow, someway crept its way down between the rooftops and the two walls, almost touching one another. The photo was average. It dodnt pick up my feelings.
Yet, this lonesome window that once looked onto a pretty garden, is now spoiled... by a greedy landlord subdividision which created a tiny lot next door and an ugly newer building in the process.
This window deserves credit. For once it provided someone in a time gone by, some sort of serenity.
Today, by the time I finished this work, I too was happy. It more aptly covers my feelings at the time. No, I wasn't high, or hungover but the photo captured, what HP Lovecraft called the crawling chaos in nothingness. My twist on this rectified it for me.
I pay hommage to this forgotten window who served happiness in a previous era. It did for me today.

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This is really good @booky; I love all the colors, but I especially love how you created an "ode to a forgotten window"! I curate for different groups and would love to submit your work, but I notice you don't show your process. I think you would notice a lot more traffic to your posts if you had photos depicting the steps along the way to your finished product.

Hope you don't mind the advice :) Let me know (tag me) if you do a post like that! Cheers :)