Water spirits digital painting

in #art4 years ago

Today I will tell you and share my process of this painting I made on iPad Pro. I hope you’ll enjoy


So the first step was just a random rough scribble. Honestly I really had no idea what I was making at this point. I just had this idea of a forest near a river.


now I started adding some sharp brush strokes for defining the trees


Adding some more trees and a little bit of foreground



By this time I was almost clear on how this painting will look like so I started defining the shapes in the foreground and in the background


Now that it’s almost finished it’s time to add some pure whites and black to add more depth and contrast


But, at this stage I didn’t like the red color was looking in this composition so I decided to play with color balance here and then I decided to stick with blue instead of red


Still I thought something was missing so I added more highlights in foreground and enhanced the Colors


A little more color correction and details, then I took blue color of this composition to more green side.


And some more final touches the painting was finished :)


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