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Hi so this is a comic I made for an NGO which works for the welfare of girls suffered from human trafficking. I was stunned to hear that more than 4000 small children in my country are being abducted and pushed in human trade. Many of them sold on internet. I was shocked to hear such crimes which were fully operational on internet and putting minor girls on sale over internet for sex.
The trafficker gets the money. The buyer gets the sex and the child victim gets exploited and sold. So, This was my very small attempt to spread awareness about this issue with people on internet, which unfortunately still exists in our society.
At last, I will request you all to help such NGO’s which are working for this children.










the internet, like a lot of powerful things, can be used for both good and evil ... i like your comic, it is a sober reminder of the things that we may take for granted <3 well done :)

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thank you for this informations ^^

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Hi @bingu... I'm yoyo from japan. I like your work and I really hope such a terrible situation will change... keep it up n I wish your creative work will somehow help letting people notice and know these social issues... thanks for sharing.

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