WOah amazing work! Ever consider illustrating a book?? I'm working on a children's book to teach them about cryptocurrency and the evils of wallstreet and central banks and fiat currency! I am in need of an illustrator! Let me know if that sounds like something you might consider in your spare time! Would be fun!

Yeah sure this projects sounds fun to work on and something different. What is the deadline ?
And how many illustrations are you expecting from me ?

I am still writing the book but I need an illustrator for it. There is no deadline this is just something I am doing in my spare time. I plan to get it published as a hard back real book once completed.

Okay cool. Mail me the full project details on [email protected]. So that we can start working on it :)

Sent! Super excited to see where we can take this! Will be a great thing for the future! I want to make sure every copy we sell we donate a copy to a school for kids to read! I want to make sure this information reaches our target audience!

He looks kinda angry ! The wide opened eyes and the downturned mouth are very expressive :)

Haha thankyou...Actually I wanted him to happy but the expression didn’t came out well. So had to go with angry one :D

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