Power to begin anew.

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Hello steemians!

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the people that support me and for those that took time to read my previous post. Nothing compares to the joy I feel when people actually take time and appreciate the things I can do with the hands I was given. So thank you!

Now on to my post...

This piece is inspired by 2 things, my favorite season and my favorite mythical creature.

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times,and good times. If you are going through hard times have faith that good times are on the way. - Unknown

The season of Spring
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I love spring and will always do. Everytime Spring draws near, I can't help but feel happy. It might sound weird that I love Spring when I don't even experience that much here in the Philippines. I think one big part of why I do is because of a picture I saw taken in Japan where Cherry blossoms bloomed so beautifully. The vibrant colors filled the place with so much beauty and serenity that I can't help but envy those who have experienced it first hand. Someday I'll make it happen. But the beautiful scenery isn't the only reason why I love Spring. The symbol it represents is equally beautiful.

Spring has long been considered a symbol of new beginnings. It is a time where life recovers from the harsh realities of the past. It is where new life sprouts and where the old are given an opportunity for a fresh start.

This for me is something I really hold dear to my heart. I've always been someone who makes a lot of mistakes. I'm clumsy, I've made bad decisions and I've always been afraid of change. I act tough most of the time but deep down I'm scared. That's why I love Spring. It gives me hope. The vibrant and lively images that spring fort after a cold and harsh environment is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Everytime I see pictures and movies about spring, I feel like I can still begin again, that I can still be a better son, a better artist, a better person.

I know I share this feeling with a lot of people. I hope you read this and understand that you're not alone. That in this world, life will always give us an opportunity to start over.

The mighty Dragon
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Ever since I was a child, multiple dragon/dragon like beings have been introduced to me in many ways. From Mushuu in Mulan to Charizard from Pokemon and even Shenlong from dragon ball. There are basically hundreds, if not thousands of dragon kinds out there yet they share one thing in common and that is power. One of the mightiest beings ever to be concieved by the human mind. All throughout the many literatures of our world, dragons are deemed to have power strong enought to destroy or create life. In movies, they are shown as fierce beings that command respect.

I envy them because they are strong, not just in their physical strength but also their will. They know what they are, what they are capable of, and where they belong in the heirarchy of life. With their confidence and courage combined with their character and strength, it is no surprise that I would place them in such high regard. Those qualities are ones that I hope I could acquire someday.

In full bloom

Spring is the symbol of new life while Dragons symbolize power. I combined them into one because together they symbolize hope, the power to begin anew.





Thought process for the piece:
I decided to go with the Chinese dragon because I felt like it would blend well with tree. The tree is also designed that way to make it look like it just went through the harsh winter climate and is just in the process of blooming back again.

Polymer clay - Du-kit brand (stone)
Aluminum wire - Thick
Pliers - For cutting and bending
Cutting tools - Straight knife and hobby knife
Acrylic paint - White, red, brown and yellow ochre

Thank you again for spending your precious time on my post. 🤗


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I really loved your art so I included it in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!


Ty so much for the support and love you've given @juliakponsford .

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Ty so much man! I followed you too. Amazing art pieces!

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Wow, what a pretty dragon! Resteemed!


Ty so much for the compliment and support 😄

wow you made that dragon?? nice work!


Ty so much! Yes I did 😅 One of the main reasons why I started making polymer clay creations was to someday make a dragon.